Advertising: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

We’ve all seen campaign advertisements during election season. Nasty accusations. Shameful put-downs. Doesn’t it infuriate you?

The advertising world isn’t a place to air anyone else’s dirty laundry. When advertising your business, take the high road and avoid pointing fingers at competitors.

I always laugh at those telephone service commercials that compare their rates to competing companies. Come on! What are they thinking? That putting my current provider down is enough incentive to make me switch? I get excellent reception, great customer service, and I’m happy with my current plan. Plus, putting my provider down only makes them look desperate.

Or how about the laundry detergent commercials that compare their product to the ‘other leading competitor,’ but is outright showing the label of who exactly the ‘other leading competitor’ is? Hello?! They’ve just giving the competition free advertising by putting them in the commercial. Besides, it makes me think of how fabulous the ‘other leading competitor’s’ detergent smells and how soft it makes my towels. Maybe I’ll go out and get a bottle right now …

You gain corporate integrity by communicating your values to the public and remaining neutral. The same goes for your advertisements. It’s important to highlight the products or services you are selling —just do it without putting others down or making obvious comparisons to your competitors. Let the public form its own opinion about those who take a different approach.

As for me? I’m changing the channel.

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