An In-house Style Guide Makes for Consistent, Professional Communications

Do the words “editorial style guide” conjure bad memories from high school English class?

Let me assure you that an in-house style guide is not a tool for the grammar police to find mistakes. Rather, it’s a document that will set the tone for all of your organization’s communications. It helps project your brand in a clear way.

Here are some reasons why your organization benefits from a custom style guide:

It Creates Brand Consistency

A style guide acts as a company-wide resource to guide grammar and punctuation. But it can include so much more, like preferred fonts, headline treatment and proper spelling of industry terms – in short, all of the things that make your brand unique. It also promotes editorial consistency among your organization’s written documents

It Evokes Professionalism

When everyone in your organization follows one style guide, each written piece will be more polished and professional. This can be as simple as including a standard email auto signature for all employees to include in their daily correspondence. Every email will look the same and promote your company in the best light.

It Removes Doubt

Following an established style guide keeps all contributors on the same page editorially, whether they are from different departments within your organization or outside sources, like freelancers and contractors.

Let TSN Communications help you avoid the stigma of the red pen. Start by downloading our Six Editorial Style Guide Secrets resource here. Or, send me an email at to learn more.