Blogs to blips for an impatient world

As a new mom who tries to juggle so many things at once, lately I have no patience.

But I once did. I could wait in a line at the bank, sit in traffic, read a long book—even watch a two-hour movie without feeling unproductive.

Not anymore. In a world where I’m constantly skimming blogs, Facebook statuses, and tweets, the type of content I consume daily, where I consume it, and the speed in which it’s consumed has changed the dynamic of my life. Now, productivity rules.

My patience (or lack thereof) has led me to do things like bank online, find alternate routes, skip to the last chapter, or fast-forward to the end. I just can’t stand the wait.

I don’t read lengthy blogs or status updates; and while tweets are kept to a nice 140 character max, I sometimes even find myself skimming those!

We’ve even changed our “blogs” to “blips” for an impatient world—like me!

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