Color of Emotions

What comes to mind when you think of Nike, Apple, Target, McDonalds?

Whether it’s a positive or negative reaction, powerful brands tend to exude powerful emotions.

And they use color to help accomplish this.

Study after study claims that the use of color in branding identity influences customer purchase decisions by as much as 60 to 80 percent. It’s certainly the first thing most folks notice about a logo.
What does your brand’s color say about your company? Consider:
RED — attention grabbing, energetic, aggressive
GREEN — healthy, wealthy, calm
YELLOW — warmth, creative, hope
ORANGE — playful, cheerful, excitement
PURPLE — elegance, spiritual, mysterious
BLUE — dependable, trustworthy, secure
BROWN — earthy, simple, durable
BLACK — prestigious, sophisticated, timeless
WHITE — pure, clean, soft
Blue is the most popular color in company logos, followed closely by red, then black or grayscale.
Take a close look at your logo. What is it saying about your company?
What do you want it to say?
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