Does Your Corporate Culture Excite You?

I recently worked with a colleague to review and update our corporate culture document. We strive to deliver impressive and significant results — on time and on budget. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage …

Did you stop reading?

I know. I know. You don’t care. And why should you? All that company crap can be pretty high minded.

But we also dug deeper to develop our “Core Values.” Now these are interesting because they help get to the crux of a company. What does a company believe in? How does a company define success? Core values tend to evoke emotion, too. For example, one of Google’s is “you can be serious without a suit” and one of Zappos’ is “be humble.”

Here are ours:

1. Respectfulness.
2. Enthusiasm.
3. Excellence.
4. Integrity.
5. Collaboration.
6. Responsiveness.
7. Kindness.

Making sure all our company actions and projects are filtered through these values makes work life tons of fun.

What are your corporate values?

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