Enjoy Being in Demand

For many small business owners, just keeping all the balls in the air can seem overwhelming. And for many of us, we are facing our busiest times—doing the job of two to three people at once.

Ten years ago, I sat through a seminar from Dale Smith Thomas, self-described “HHBQ” (has-been beauty queen). She said “Don’t think of it as being stretched too thin. Think of it as being in demand.”

Dale’s words have stuck with me ever since, and when I’m juggling multiple projects and tasks, those days are the most fun and exciting.

So how do small business owners manage to pull it all off in a day’s time without letting anything slip through the cracks?

Keep track of your time. Start simple—I keep a calendar in my computer, in my phone, on my desk and in my purse. I spend a few moments each morning making sure my calendars are synchronized and reviewing the day’s tasks and appointments.

Make lists and check off accomplishments. At the end of my day, I spend time reviewing what got done—and what didn’t—and make a priority list for tomorrow. This gives me something to review each morning and sets daily goals to accomplish.

Utilize a project management system. At the Sales NetWork, we use BaseCamp and BackPack to help manage our projects and store our documents. You can set project timelines and send reminders to yourself and your team about what needs to be done and when.

Get organized. To me, organization is the single, most important element to becoming and staying in demand. Being organized goes beyond the walls of your office space; it translates into every aspect of your life. Organization will allow you to do more things in less time to maximize your productivity level.

Don’t miss out on opportunities because you’re stretched too thin. Make small changes to your everyday routine — and enjoy being in demand.

Or call us, and we’ll help you get started.

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