Facebook: Your Business’s Best Friend

Many of my friends waste time on Monday mornings surfing Facebook as they nose through their colleague’s weekend wrap-ups. For me the value goes much deeper than learning the latest ‘relationship status’ of my cubicle neighbor.

Initially, I was one of those people who refused to let this ‘technology fad’ invade my life. When I finally gave in by establishing a Facebook page for my business, I saw an immediate following from loyal customers and friends. I couldn’t believe I had held out on such a valuable marketing tool just for the principal of it.

Now I commend Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (whether he did or didn’t steal the idea of Facebook) for bringing this form of social media to life. It has helped my business grow considerably. A Facebook business page is a wonderful tool for any size company not only to advertise their products or services, but also engage customer interaction.

Here’s a fact: my business’ Facebook page gets ten times more traffic than my business website. I post pictures of new product offerings from my camera phone and upload with the click of a button. I text the latest sales or deals directly from my cell phone, and they pop up on the ‘news feeds’ on the phones of everyone following my business’s Facebook page. It’s easy to use, quick, and convenient.

Now I have friends and clients asking me to help them build their Facebook presence because they’ve seen the value of this genius tool. Check out next week’s blogs for ideas on how to build your business presence on Facebook.

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