Fearless Fish

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going
No matter how rough the wind is blowing
Going, going, going
The tough get going
Just like Fearless Fish


When I was a young kid, I had The Electric Company record of this song. I didn’t know what it meant then, but it held my attention due to its catchy melody. Decades later, I still remember those words — and could even sing them in the original tune if you asked me.
Fearless Fish sure had the right attitude.
When we don’t do something, when we don’t “get going,” I’d argue it almost always has to do with fear. Whatever fear we may have — fear of failure, fear of work, fear of death, fear of speaking, fear of the unknown — lays at the root of why we don’t just do it.
What’s the absence of fear? To me, it’s joy, security, or even love. Try becoming fully engaged, regardless of the fear, and see where it gets you. I believe it just may put you on your path to success.
Wasn’t it Thomas Edison who said that he feared “his way to success”?
Fearless Fish landed in the mud with a thump and a thud
And he yelled into the breeze,
“I’m coming back to this doggone track
With my wheels on water skis.”
Fearless Fish didn’t give up. Neither will I. Neither should you.
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