Grant Me the Money!

Some companies seem like they keep coming out with the latest and greatest innovation that benefits their industry.

We all know that major projects require major money.

So how do they do it?

One word: grants!

The organizations that most commonly seek out grant funding include non-profit and community-based organizations, universities and colleges. However, that’s not to say that businesses and even individuals cannot benefit from grant funding—there’s plenty of grant opportunities out there for them too!

After spending my week assisting clients with grants, I thought I’d share with you what it takes so that the next time you have an idea that needs extra cash to kick it off, you’ll know what to focus on.

  • Organization. Keeping track of deadlines, documents, and submissions is critical to any successful grant writer. There’s a lot involved in a proposal, so make sure you stay organized and collect everything you need to check off the list.
  • Writing Skills. When responding to a grant proposal, it’s important that you write extremely well. Pay attention to style, tone, grammar, and spelling. Clear communication is the key to conveying your message and your process to the grant reviewers.
  • Project process. Before you apply for a grant, make sure you understand your entire project. How will it progress? How will you implement it? When will it start and end? Grants are rewarded to those that clearly and coherently show point “a” to point “b” to point “c,” etc.
  • Dedication. If you don’t receive the first grant you apply for, don’t give up. Instead, follow-up. There are plenty of opportunities out there; you just have to continue to seek them out and go after them.

Now go do what you do, only better than before.

Or call us, and we’ll get you started!

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