Invest in You (part 2)

Back to my own goals.

Okay sure, I got married, bought a house, and had two great kids. But I also jumped out of an airplane, performing an accelerated free fall sky dive from 13,000 feet. (Yes, I did it before I had kids. Yes, it was thrilling and scary.)
I studied world religion, choosing a class where we didn’t sit in a classroom but instead visited synagogues, churches, mosques, gurdwaras. I joined Toastmasters, a national organization dedicated to enhancing public speaking skills, and became a certified competent Toastmaster (which is just a fancy way to say I gave a few dozen practice speeches in front of others, but it was a terrific learning experience). I hiked down into the Grand Canyon, not all the way, as I was about to give birth. (I hope to get back to that goal in the future).
I returned to school to take an adult education class on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Since my career didn’t lead to teaching, I tutored struggling students in basic math skills.
I haven’t published a book yet (does a blog count?), but some articles I wrote got published in various trade magazines.
What’s on your list of life goals? You may be surprised to find how motivating and inspiring it is to work toward accomplishing them.
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