Is Your Public Relations Program Achieving Targeted Results?

strategic4Tactics are important to public relations. Whether it’s a press release, case study, technical article or video, they are the way information reaches business decision-makers.

But it’s easy to get lost in tactical execution. At TSN Communications, we believe in the mantra targeted program = targeted results. That’s why we stress with every client the importance of strategic PR planning.

We do this by developing a strategy/tactical plan with multiple components in one easy-to-understand document:

  • Objectives: Not only communication objectives, but how they ladder to business objectives.
  • Strategy: This is the direction we’ll take to reach your communication, and business, objectives.
  • Target audiences: This section covers who a client is trying to reach – and remember, this may include multiple audiences that are prioritized.
  • Key messages: You’ll find what we’ll say say to our target audiences here.
  • Associative keywords and phrases: In our digital world, these words are important to include in all tactics to improve search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Media list: The media outlets we’ll strategically target are listed here; these are the publications our target audiences read.
  • Media pitch topics: Here’s where we begin to get into tactics. These are topical ideas we’ll pitch to media outlets to gain thought leadership editorial.
  • News release schedule: News releases for new products and services are listed here, including estimated distribution dates.
  • Trade show schedule: This includes dates of shows, locations and other client-specific information, such as booth number and key personnel in attendance.
  • Metrics: Remember, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Metrics help gauge PR program success.

Ask yourself: Is your PR program largely focused on tactics with little strategy? Give us a call at 877-411-3243 and we’ll help you correct that.

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