It’s All About the Process

“It’s all about the process,” I said to a future client. “We understand the process and that is what makes us so successful for our clients.”

It’s no secret our team is loaded with experts in the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) space so when companies ask us to work with them on communications and outreach dealing with AFVs, they know we know what we are doing. But what do we say to companies that aren’t involved with AFVs?  How do we gain their trust and confidence?  Well, it’s not necessarily about our knowledge of the product; it’s about the process.

We have processes in place for drafting, editing, placing and reporting on press releases, case studies, articles, monitoring media, and media outreach.  Without these processes in place, we would be spinning our wheels and wasting our clients dollars.

If your communications team doesn’t have a process in place, I suggest the following process…fire them!

Then call us; we will get the process rolling!

National Public Relations Firm