Make your money go farther when marketing

The daughter of a frugal accountant, I’m always looking for ways to make my money go farther.

At our local pizzeria, I found out that if you order French fries in addition to your meal, you can save 75 cents and you get more fries than if you order a small order of French fries as an appetizer.

At McDonalds, I realized that if you order a sweet tea with no ice that you get as much tea as you do if you were to pay for two sweet teas with ice. So I order mine to go and get my own ice at home.

Call me cheap, but I like to get more for my money. Who doesn’t?

At TSN Communications, we believe in helping our clients get more for their money too. That’s why when you hire us, you get a full team to tackle your project and you only pay for the services you request.

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