Maximizing Your Media Database to Build Relationships, Coverage

In today’s world of communications and media relations, it’s important to quickly and easily identify the target audience for your news. Having access to a media database simplifies that work, but you still need to know how to leverage the information contained within it to build and cultivate a working relationship with the media.

The ability to search for media members by the subjects they cover, or the area in which they’re located, is just the first step in identifying your target audience. Once you have those initial parameters, you should use your database as a research tool so you can refine and personalize your pitch.Media database research

For example, does your identified journalist write a blog, are they active on social media and have you read their previous articles? Using an advanced database (such as Cision which we use here at TSN Communications) should provide this information. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access a journalist’s Twitter feed, their blog and their most recent articles without even leaving your database.

A quality media database should also provide you with the journalist’s contact preferences. Do they prefer to be contacted by phone or by email, are they in the office every day and do they have specific deadlines? Having access to this information might make them more amenable to hearing your pitch because you are contacting them in a way that accommodates their needs and preferences.

But it’s not only having access to this information that matters. It’s having the right partner to make sense of all that data and provide counsel on how to best use it. That’s where TSN Communications comes in – we can help you use our Cision database to your full advantage to begin building your relationships and gain quality coverage. Give us a call at 877-411-3243 ext. 814, or visit our Contact Us page, to learn more.

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