Who Needs a Project Manager? You Do!


No company is too big or small for a dedicated project manager. A single individual who guides a project from conception to completion and beyond can play a crucial role in the opportunities presented to your company. And what organization doesn’t want to have a promising future with solid workflow, and cash flow?

Project management can be overlooked by some organizations as an unnecessary overhead expense. In reality, project management is a necessity for any organization. It creates the ability to grow by managing processes, people and budget. The role of project management brings exceptional value by helping to bridge the gap between strategy and results. By investing time in project planning, your ability to deliver business results — on time, within budget, and with little to no disruption to other business endeavors —is greatly improved.

Here are a few tips for successful project management:

  • Find a leader. Appoint one individual to take charge and oversee the development of a project from start to finish and beyond. That could be an internal person or an agency partner.
  • Be on time. Establish a shared project timeline and calendar that includes the appropriate due dates, milestones, and even internal checkpoints.
  • Document! Document! Document! From the project’s first day, be sure to document all details, expectations, and milestones.
  • Break it down. Summarize each conversation in a master document and share it with the project team members. Be sure each summary includes what was discussed, action items and next steps.
  • Stay organized! Keep a single file folder with all exchanged communications and documents to easily reference throughout the project lifespan.

What’s the value to this approach? It ensures that one person is ultimately responsible for keeping all team members accountable for their project assignments. That accountability increases the chances a project will be completed flawlessly and on time and on budget.

What techniques do you use for successful project management?



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