Press Release Power

Press releases are an effective way to increase your organization’s exposure. They’re an important part of any public relations strategy. They can be optimized with embedded hyperlinks and videos, then distributed to wire services, or sent directly to target media contacts and outlets. They can help position your organization as an industry expert to the media. And they are a valuable source of information to your potential customers.

Press releases and newspapers gathered on table with coffee, pen, glasses. Sounds great, right? But here’s the problem: Reporters can get hundreds of them each day, many of which they ignore. So make sure yours is worth reading:

  • Get to the point quickly.
  • Stay on message.
  • Stick to facts and provide concrete content.
  • Keep it concise and organized.
  • Target the message to the reporter and his or her readership.
  • Have a colleague copyedit.
  • Proofread one more time before distributing.

Whether your media goal is an article in an industry trade publication or a live interview on national television, start by creating a steady stream of relevant information. Make sure you distribute it to the right audience. Then follow up, again and again.

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