Propane Engine Fuel Summit Kicks off Annual Texas Show

Propane has made headline news lately, and this month, it’s the only topic at the 2014 Propane Engine Fuel Summit in Irving, Texas, March 27.

Kicking off the AltCarExpo Texas, the propane summit has invited Texas municipalities, school districts and businesses to discuss the challenges and benefits of fueling with propane autogas, an environmentally friendly and cost effective engine fuel. Presentations from the City of Fort Worth, CleanFUEL USA, Dallas County Schools, Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities and Northwest Propane Gas Co., will cover topics such as refueling infrastructure, economic and environmental factors, propane industry equipment and more.

Curtis Donaldson, managing director and founder of Georgetown-based CleanFUEL USA, will discuss what’s to come during his presentation, “The Future of Propane Autogas.”

“As the leading alternative fuel in the United States, propane autogas has come a long way since it first appeared as an engine fuel in 1913. The possibilities for this fuel are just getting started,” Donaldson said. “This American-made resource is saving more than just cash at the pump. It’s driving job creation and energy security by keeping our fuel dollars within our own economy.”

Numerous laws and incentives in Texas promote the adoption of this widely available and affordable alternative fuel.

Now in its fourth year, the TSN Communications-produced Propane Engine Fuel Summit can be attended in person or viewed live via the free online webcast on March 27. There is no charge for online viewing, courtesy of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The agenda also features fleet managers who have adopted propane autogas vehicles in their fleet, executives from the Propane Education & Resource Council, ROUSH CleanTech, the Industrial Truck Association and more.

Industry partners of this year’s Propane Engine Fuel Summit include: U.S. Energy Department’s Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities, North Central Texas Council of Governments, AltCar Conference & Expo and TSN Communications. For more information on the 2014 Propane Engine Fuel Summit, visit

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