Running and Media Outreach

As I went for a very hot and humid run this morning my mind drifted, as it often does, to my “to do” list for the day. While thinking about my list and the best way to tackle it I started to realize the strong correlation between running and media outreach, one of the main items on today’s list.

I run because it’s a good way to clear my head and prepare for a long day, but it’s also a personal challenge. Much like media outreach! There are only a few things you need for a successful run or a successful media outreach campaign:

  • A good pair of sneakers or a good press release or story with a concise and targeted pitch.
  • A killer playlist or a killer media list.
  • Determination and consistency.

I often find that when I am ready to quit running I can always dig a little deeper and pull out another quarter mile, or on a really good day, another mile or two. Same with media outreach. Who knows what will happen when you make that last call? Just when you think you can’t make another call, leave another voice mail or get another rejection, dig deep and make one more.

Or make us your last call, and we’ll dig deep for you.