Simple Steps to Market Your Business

As a small business owner, marketing your business may sometimes seem like a daunting task. When bills need to be paid, papers need to be filed, invoices need to be written out, inventory needs to be taken and customers need to be taken care of, sometimes promoting your own business to gain new clientele can just slip through the cracks.

But there are things you can do everyday that don’t take any time at all (I promise!) to be sure your name gets out there and your products get promoted.
  1. Never forget your business cards. Make them as important to carry with you as your driver’s license. Keep an extra stack in your car, your briefcase, your gym bag, your purse or stash a few in every jacket pocket you own (just be sure to take them out before you throw your coat in the laundry). Carry them everywhere you go because you never know when a business opportunity might arise.
  2. When you get your next batch printed, add the products or services you offer on the back of your business card. This allows for easy reference when you hand them out and reminds potential new customers why they should call.
  3. Think of a creative tagline for your business and print it on letterhead, fax cover sheets, emails, invoices, etc. This helps create a lasting impression.
So the next time you feel overwhelmed with the thought of marketing your business, don’t let it slip through the cracks. Remember that effective marketing can be some simple steps.
Now go do what you do, even better than before.
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