The $8,000 Vacuum

I just finished reading a story in this month’s AARP newsletter called The $8,000 Vacuum. It’s a story of an older couple falling for a pitch from two door-to-door salesmen and buying a $4,400 vacuum.  They then go on to sign a long-term commitment to finance the vacuum and in the end, it costs them $8,000. They immediately had buyer’s remorse but were too embarrassed to return the vacuum or tell their children what had happened.

Is this how you got stuck with your current agency?  You fall for the $4,400 vacuum and then sign a long-term commitment and now you don’t know how you can get out of the commitment without looking bad to your friends, or in this case, your Board?

Here at TSN we don’t sell any $4,400 vacuums and we don’t push long-term commitments.  Our clients stay with us because we offer Dyson like work at Hoover prices.

Need a new vacuum cleaner?  Give us a call at 1-877-411-3243.  We’ll get things cleaned up at your office quickly.