The Fifth Dimension of Your Communications Plan

As a council member for a public university, I recently went through an exercise of “dream, design, develop, deliver” for a university-wide diversity summit. It was a great exercise, but I got to thinking something was missing: the fifth dimension. Try this approach toward developing your next communications strategy.

  1. Dream: How do you want your organization to be perceived? Imagine the possibilities. Nothing is off the table at this point.
  2. Design: What do the dreams actually look like? How can they be conceived into something tangible?
  3. Develop: How can you break down the ideas into objectives, audiences, costs, analysis, tasks, analysis?
  4. Deliver: What are the steps to implementation? How will you actually deliver the project, and what resources are needed?
  5. Delegate: Who is doing what, and when? List out each action item, whose doing what and clear deadlines.

You’ll be well on your way to the fifth dimension. (Age of Aquarius, anyone? Anyone?)

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