The Importance of Frequency

In 1885, Thomas Smith wrote a book entitled “Successful Advertising,” which focuses on the power of advertisements and how to get folks to purchase whatever one is selling. Many of the messages in its pages remain true well over a century later. One of the powerful ideas from his book discusses frequency. His message is below, which I’ve changed just a bit to reflect today’s language.

The 1st time people look at your ad, they do not see it.

The 2nd time they don’t even notice it.

The 3rd time they are conscious of its existence.

The 4th time they vaguely remember having seen it before.

The 5th time they read it.

The 6th time they discard it.

The 7th time they read it through and say, “Hmmm.”

The 8th time they say, “There’s that thing again.”

The 9th time they wonder if it is any good.

The 10th time they ask neighbors if they’ve tried it. 

The 11th time they wonder about the advertiser.

The 12th time they think it must be a good thing.

The 13th time they think perhaps it might be worth something.

The 14th time they remember that they have wanted such a thing for a long time.

The 15th time they are tantalized because they cannot afford to buy it.

The 16th time they think they will buy it some day.

The 17th time they make a note of it. 

The 18th time they count their money.

The 19th time they buy it.

The 20th time they tell their friends and neighbors how great it is.

Are you making sure your products and services are well known through frequency? In today’s world, that may include online advertising, social media elements, bylined articles, press attention, presentations, exhibiting, signage, sponsorships, etc.

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