Think Outside the Box

Sometimes the secret to gaining a competitive edge for your business is thinking outside of the box. You know, get creative! This is my colleague Deb’s specialty. Whenever I need a creative title to a press release or transition in a sentence, she’s the gal I call. Here are a few fun and creative ways to promote business that we’ve done and seen. Perhaps one of them will work for you.

  1. Create an eye-catching window display at an off-site location. Sometimes hospitals, airports, schools and office buildings rent out spaces for businesses to showcase their products or services. Focus on color, texture and product placement to make your display especially visually appealing — and don’t forget to highlight your location and contact information.
  2. Promote yourself as an expert by writing articles or tips on topics related to your industry. Get creative with your article headlines and always have a unique angle. You can submit articles to your local newspaper or a trade magazine. To help identify the best media contacts and outlets to submit to, use a marketing and public relations software system like Vocus. Media outreach is key to making this effort a success.
  3. Provide free tee shirts with your logo and / or tagline for your staff to wear. Have these shirts be either nice enough or edgy enough that they’ll wear them outside of the workplace. Who do you call for that extra creativity?

Do you have someone like Deb on your team? Now go do what you do, only better than before. Or to learn more outside the box ways to market your business, give us a call at 877.411.3243 and we’ll get you started.

We’ll even let you talk to Deb.

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