6 Tips For Writing an Effective Press Release

You may ask whether press releases are still relevant. Cision, a leading press release distribution system, reports press releases boost content downloads by 250 percent and increase search visibility by 50 percent. And every day, news media around the globe read them. That makes them extremely relevant.

We recently wrote about how to get the most out of distributing your release. Here we share steps to writing content that will get the attention you deserve.

  1. Make sure it is newsworthy.National Public Relations Firm So often, a company is excited for a new product, service, location, etc. But is your news newsworthy to media? Your news may be better suited as a blog or social media post, or an email or mailing to your customers and prospects.
  2. Think like a journalist. Provide information in a way reporters want to see it. Talk about the news (think latest trends or consumer impact) and how it will benefit your customers, stakeholders and/or community.
  3. Avoid employee promotions. Unless it’s your CEO, save promotions for a blog or social media. Same goes with a new customer using your product that may be in a region that you’ve already saturated – unless you can tie it to current news.
  4. Include an attention-grabbing headline. As HuffPo reminds us, the headline can pull in journalists who are looking for interesting stories. Plus, it will serve as your email subject line. Make sure it stands out amongst the crowd.
  5. Don’t announce an announcement. Write the press release in a way that explains, not announces.
  6. Eliminate the fluff. Be concise and to the point, according to Coschedule.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Remember, TSN can write or edit your press release, as well as distribute it to the appropriate members of the media.

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