Are Trade Shows Too Expensive?

At TSN Communications, we’ve worked many trade shows over the years for our clients. We provide turnkey support that’s focused on making your trade show presence easy for you and informative for your customers. This support includes:

  • Designing and producing the display.
  • Ordering and dressing the booth space.
  • Running the electrical.
  • Preparing and operating all audio / visual equipment.
  • And, setting up and tearing down the booth.

Trade shows can be tedious, time consuming and expensive, but that’s why we offer 360 degrees of support. See, all of those bullets we listed above are just a part of the story, the “nuts and bolts” if you will. Beyond the technical aspects, a trade show is not only a great way to showcase your products, it’s the most efficient way of engaging with clients and competitors – because everything, and everyone, is in one place.

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Contacts across the industry are all in one place. Will they come to your booth?


We can help you work a trade show the right way. And by doing so, you can schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner and even coffee breaks with your existing and potential clients, your suppliers, and even utilize this time to meet with your remote team members. Furthermore, the opportunities that TSN can find you for press interviews add value that you won’t find elsewhere.

Because of the overflow of opportunities trade shows offer, we want to ensure that your organization is taking full advantage. You’ll see that although trade shows appear to be pricey, the value of the trade show is much more than booth-deep.