Greg ZilberfarbGreg started TSN Communications as a virtual agency so he could pick up top-notch talent from across the country without the need to relocate. He found that employees are more productive and happier, and he experienced fewer turnovers.

TSN uses a team approach that Greg has trademarked, TSN Team™.

TSN Team™: the fusion of various individual skill sets, industry experiences, and technical strengths into one unit that is always ready to deliver exceptional work to our clients.

Our list of clients is impressive and very diverse. Potential clients always ask how TSN can have expertise in so many different fields and his reply is always the same:

“We’re all about the process®”

This is now a registered trademark by TSN. Greg knows the process of getting media attention for his clients and always provides metrics of the success. Greg never lets a press release go out the door unless the team is tracking the results. “Why would anyone want to send a press release without knowing if it was successful?”

He leads by example and would never ask a TSN Team™ member to do anything he wouldn’t do, which is why Greg still works events and sets up displays for many clients!

Greg has a background in alternative fuels. Some highlights of his career include working with the Propane Education & Research Council and the National Biodiesel Board on OEM outreach, commercialization and education. He was Executive Director of National Clean Cities Inc., a National Account Manager of AFVs with Ford Motor Company, and Director of Marketing for the NGVAmerica, formerly called the NGV Coalition.

Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development from Averett University the hard way — working full-time, raising four beautiful children and taking night classes for 13 years. Greg is a true believer in work-life balance and when he’s not working, he’s balancing his life in Powhatan, Virginia, with his four kids and three grand kids. He spends time throwing the ball with his dogs Zella and Otto.

Greg Zilberfarb
Founder and President

National Public Relations Firm