You Have a Great Case Study – Now What?



TSN Communications has written dozens of case studies for our clients over the years. These timely success stories are a great way to show the value and quality of your product or service. It does this by showing how your product or service solved a customer problem, and the overall results. They also present a happy customer, which, in turn, reflects positively on your company.

But once you have a well-written gem, what do you do with it?

Take our client Blue Bird, for example. Our team has written six case studies about school districts across the U.S. incorporating propane autogas buses into their fleets. For example, the case study, “Emissions-Reducing Autogas School Buses Save Money, Perform in Oregon’s Cold Climate,” provides solid stats, isn’t overly technical, and reads like a magazine article.

Because the case study had solid content about the success of these buses and the benefits it provided to the Bend-La Pine School District, we distributed it to targeted local media as well as school bus trade media for extended coverage. In this way, editors have the flexibility to use it in its entirety, excerpt it, or provide an end-user source for interviews.

A case study, and how it’s leveraged, should be part of a larger marketing strategy that’s focused on driving results. Here are a few more ways to extend their use:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog post
  • Marketing collateral pieces
  • Web articles
  • Video testimonials
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Sales team usage

How can a case study increase sales for your company? Contact TSN Communications to learn more about how we can write and market your success stories.

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