We can work from anywhere.

TSN Communications was founded in 1997 as a one-person shop. Since then, the company has grown into a team of 16 top-notch professionals. TSN is a virtual agency — no brick and mortar, no expensive offices, no marble conference tables. We are a unique group of communications experts who seek a better work/life balance by working virtually and providing excellent results.

We do not charge a retainer fee! In our experience, monthly retainer fees make clients and agencies do dumb things towards the end of a month where they haven’t spent close to the retainer! It also allows clients to stop and start projects as budgets increase or decrease.

All of us worked for agencies, put in our time and discovered that we could be more productive working from our home offices, taking the kids to school and being available for the client as needed.

Why Virtual Offices Rock

No commute time = more client time

Instead of putting two or three hours of every day into prepping for work and getting to and from an office, employees spend that time concentrating on their clients’ needs and goals.

Activity goes up, cubicle fatigue goes down
Research shows that sitting is the new smoking: Employees who work at home aren’t chained to an office desk; they can move freely throughout the workday and become healthier and happier in the process.

Flexibility improves balance
Employees in virtual office settings don’t have to burn vacation days just to volunteer in their child’s classroom or take their dog to the vet. By setting their own schedule, employees can successfully balance work priorities and the demands of everyday life.

Staff can work around the corner or across the globe
With a virtual office, the right person to take on a particular job can live anywhere. There’s no need to search for someone local who offers the right mix of talent and expertise.

Lower overhead saves clients money
With no costs for office space, utilities, parking, furnishings and so on, virtual office companies can pass savings along to clients, or make greater investments in staff.

Hardware made easy
Remote employees who choose their own office technology also save money and hassles for their virtual employer. Proper training and passwords can help alleviate any security risks.

Eyes on the goal, not on the clock
Virtual employers don’t need to babysit their staff, because they set specific goals and see them met quickly. Productivity for virtual workers is high and office drama is non-existent. All of which leads to a better outcome for clients.

While virtual offices aren’t feasible for every business, TSN’s successful track record shows that employees can work to high standards anywhere. If you’re interested in learning more about how a virtual office functions, call us: We’re happy to share our experiences.

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