Quick Tips for Media Monitoring Success

Media monitoring is one of the many things we do for our clients using our Cision software system. Whenever we start with new clients or work to evaluate a client’s media campaign, it’s always important that we understand how they’re being talked about in the media – whether it’s in print, online or even on TV.  At TSN Communications we use these quick tips to make sure we’re setting our search terms to capture the best information:

  • Search for all iterations of an organization’s name. Does the organization go by an acronym or is it commonly misspelled? Be sure to include these in the search terms.
  • In addition to an organization’s name, search for the names of all executives or VIPs related to the organization.
  • Include competitors in your search terms.
  • Search for product names and industry keywords or issues to see a more complete picture of the media landscape.

Using our Cision system and these quick tips we are able get a good picture of how our clients are portrayed in the media. One of the many advantages of our use of Cision is the ability to quickly and easily make changes to search terms.

How do you stay on top of your organization’s news coverage?


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